Sunday, November 25, 2007

So war is what you want.

Today in the news a man found himself stuck inside a lift. Goliath, a strong bus driver had to drive the bus into the door. The man was killed but the lift was opened. The bus at this time is being cleaned up. The owner of the hotel this happened in said to the Daily Crumb.
"I'm so glad this tragedy is over. The lift doors are going to be replaced in the future."

You may recall yesterday we found out Project Insanity, ex sister site tricked us. We located their where abouts and sent a heap of Tintut families to their main officers.
The Tintut's.. have unfortunately been captured and locked behind bars.
Here is a short recording we got on mobile contact.

It cut out after that, probably a horrible fate.
With that everyone in the office including Ugly Frown took a moment of silence. Then we got a text message saying "I lost the signal, sorry."
Here is the letter Project Insanity wrote

(How immature)
"We have captured your Tintuts! Do what i say and i will release them to you.

I want you to put the adverts back on your blog and i want you to write on your blog that Project Insanity is the best blog ever!!

If you dont cooperate then your Tintuts will be MARMITE!

Happy days,
Project Insanity"

What to do, well I'll tell you.

We deny what you say! What ever you do to those Tintut's will just come back to you, they will eventually escape.
What goes up, must come down, what goes around. Must... thats right. Also come down.
You'll get whats coming.
Those Tintut's aren't just little people.
They're monsters.
We will not put the adverts up. By the way, Sammy says hi to someone called Hugo that he says works at your studio.
Fare well Project THICK! ahah we got you totally there.
You can spam *cough* FIND Project Insanity here
The Location you gathered is incorrect.

- The Daily Crumb

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