Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Adam Phillips on ToonBoom

Today in the news everything on this page and website is copyright to Mr. Adam Phillips.
I hadn't seen this before but ToonBoom interviewed Adam Phillips. And there are some amazing pieces of artwork there. I am assuming at the moment that one of them may be possible future poster for
If you didn't know about yet its Adam's new blog and merchandise store. At the moment there are only shirts but we'll see.

Click the image for interview
As you can see there is a flying loch ness monster in the distance, a nod to Tomothy and Pals i think. Gosh, imagine that thing on your wall!
Dont forget this program is the winners prize of the Brackenwood trailer competition.
So when the videos are released you have to work hard, start storyboarding now.
And watch this for inspiration.

and yes im going to put it in every post for the next year.
Special quotes for special people:
"My workflow is paperless so the first step for me is storyboarding. Storyboard Pro is brilliant and is now the first program I open when starting most new animation projects. For my personal animated works I generally combine the writing process with storyboarding, as I find it quite natural to write a story as a sequence of images.
From there, I create rough background and character layouts in each scene, before cleaning up the backgrounds and keying in the character/effects movement. After that, cleaning up and inbetweening characters and effects, followed by painting with colour.
My workflow is fairly organic and changes depending on how I feel it’s best to deal with the current task. Occasionally I’ll complete a scene of character animation before the background is complete, or vice-versa. While it’s very liberating to work this way, I am very schedule-oriented and focused on the end product. I developed a lot of good habits from working in a high pressure animation studio for 12 years, especially with time management."

  • The network view is so comfortable, it’s scary. Something that looks so daunting to a beginner is deceptively easy to use. Can’t live without it now!
  • The Effect Modules AND the potential to customise/create new modules through scripting and the SDK (even though I know very little about programming).
  • Colour and Palettes systems - they’re intuitive and easy to use
  • 3D workspace and camera (of course!)
  • Zooming timeline, pegs and function editors"

Everything on this page and website is copyright to Mr. Adam Phillips.
- The Daily Crumb but everything on this page and website is copyright to Mr. Adam Phillips.

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