Monday, May 04, 2009

The Daily Crumb reads minds.

Today in the news normality wraps over the freedom that is and always was classed as a fictional belief. The people that enter themselves into a professional profession are echoing only the tiny moment of fiction to scold us in reality.
I believe when these persons of common do enter that triangle of colour we can be swamped in their beliefs and forget our own.

Also in the news
something else, can't remember
I remember the days the water would stream over and past the cave. The bobbles would be caught and used for drink and the grass would go orange in day and blue at night.

But those days are over with the fall of the many stones that are sent from the above. As we climb they hit us down and the orange grass soon turns to red. But i lie when i say it is fully over due to the fact i write in this way even now.
But there was a time the swords would clash over the bright fields by the tall plank. The clouds would zoom past as blood would soar.
But soon the white light comes down in the shape of a female and settles all battles. The townsfolk are the joyess but they drift away as other stories unfold. That story is lost and only i know the ending.
But one day all stories will be revived as well as new ones.
One day when the stones stop falling on our people.

One of those stories is the one of
Benjamin Biscuitboy and the Window Cleaner.
Coming soon(ish)

- The Daily Crumb

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  1. Hey Benjamin looks really cool!
    Love his cookie Jar! Although he wouldn't want to fart while wearing the cookie jar there! :D