Tuesday, May 12, 2009

17 minutes

Today in the news i needed to look at other 'today in the new's to inspire this one.

Before i go on with what might possibly end up being utter nothingness i must make sure all of you out there see the film Coroline. It is a masterpiece.
But before we drag our bloody toes with hovered feet alone the marble floor lets jump into the headshot wound of Papafat.
Inside we see many things, including what we all know as parts of the brain and powerful rapids of blood.
But also, sat down stuck in the goo is a film. A short film of utter terribility.
It is titled, Ladder and stars Benjamin Biscuitboy who as you all know suffered horrible damage to the head after the film and died without continuing a possible career in acting.
This was many years ago so no one cares now.
But lets just watch his last moments and LAUGH AT IT.

Now before everyone dies.
Here is a picture i drew

"The question is.... were you involved?"
"The answer is... no."
"Were you involved?"
"What if I were to ask you a question?"
"Go ahead."
"Do you THINK you were involved?"
"I dont think so, no."
"But what do you know?"
"Exactly.. then how can you be sure you were not involved?"
"Because i know that much."
"Where were you when the crime occured?"
"Watching Eastenders."
"The crime took place in the morning, you are lieing."
"On iplayer."
"Tell me, was there anyone else involved?"
"Are you sure?"
"How, when you were not there?"
"What? You want me to say i did it? Ok, i did it. Hell! I did it. I wont let you manipulate my mind into thinking im guilty. I'm going to jail KNOWING i am innocent. How do you feel about that?"
"I dont care, this is only a job. Take him away boys."
"We're girls."
"Take him away girls."
"I'll just escape with Michael Scofield anyway."

- The Daily Crumb

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