Friday, May 29, 2009

2 in a Bucket for 2010

Today in the news pressing enter too early does leave one confused. (Apologies)


Also in the news
hit with two HUGE events.

One is of course, the reveal of the DOCTOR WHO 2010 series COMPANION. Next up is the Toy Story 3 teaser trailer!
This is new voices, new animation, new everything and a real teaser for the next film. All of the great characters from 2 are back for another blockbuster sequel which i am sure will please.

But, over in the UK we are still yet to see the new film UP. We have a lot to look forward to in the future.

But lets rewind a little bit first.
Do you remember this person?

I think she poked her head around a corner for her big tv debut in Doctor Who: The Fires of Pompei. This was a Doctor, Donna episode in the just passed series.
Of course this year we are being treated with a few special episodes to depart David Tennant. Then next year we have the start of Steven Moffat's series, DOCTOR WHO. Oh.. well i guess the title was not going to change... but the Tardis is going to. Odd huh.
So anyway.
MATT SMITH is taking over the place of the Doctor, he's the one with the small eyes and big chin. I'm sure he's a grand choice.

Anyway the companion of this new Doctor, Matt Smith has been released.
Her name is Karen (Ginger) Gillan

Click for larger.
This information was released on various websites.
So this is the end result for Steven Moffat's series.

Which one looks more like they should be the Doctor?


For the next BIG NEWS
Make sure you see
Angels and Demons
UP (Which has not come out here yet but all reviews say amazing)

Oh yeah
We all knew it was coming.
And we all know it is still very very far away.

But now you can see the teaser!
All new animated short teaser trailer just for you
Check it out below.

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  1. Awesome!
    Teaser *Excited*
    Doctor Who Matt Smith :s
    But the companion very nice! ;)