Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Cut Silver Screen and Snow Day

Today in the news orange balloon.
Also in the news
A collection of trees stood up and walked out on earth today when they found out how we were treating their relatives.
With ties, suitcases and top hats they stepped off of the planet with long roots and floated away in circular motions.
It was reported the trees stepped into the sun.
Well today was a snow day in England. Although there was no snow people were delighted to feel a bit of heat and sunlight on their skin.
On days like these i think back to all those who have died due to the Curse of The Daily Crumb. We cannot remember their names but we all still hold that minute of silence.
It is very important.
I am sure not many of you know about the minute of silence. Or at least, WHY we do it. Well the reason is we just hope we'll hear a spirits voice in the silence saying "Thankyou for this minute of silence."

Man lost his face in coin slot vending machine accident including comfortable beanie with wings.
The same man later that day realized he was unable to eat dinner.

Also. Complicated speech

Silver Screen Cut Scene

Here is a scene/scenes from a 'never released' episode from The Silver Screen Series.
info: Filmed a while ago, in light of a fifth episode. Though plans disapeared as the rain fell and i left the village. Hopefully this failure will bring a fresh look for a new Silver Screen series.

- Stranger/ Strangler/ Stalker/ Tourist


  1. Snow? where was the snow?!
    Hahaha That little start of the film seemed like it was going in good direction! :D Pity about the on/off rain!

  2. abinormal1:05 AM

    The Medium playing the wii =D awesome!!