Friday, October 31, 2008

REAL Cars Toys

Today in the news a man of 43 is suffering from 'Burger Burp.'
McDonalds have not commented on the issue. For those unaware of this disease i would like to explain: 'Burger Burp' develops in the body occasionally when a person eats a burger without a drink. The person's breath becomes horrible and then they will continuously burp for 3 days until he/she dies.
The body is then crushed to release grease which is used in our motorcars.

Also in the news while we are on the rise of PIXAR's Car's related articles

- The Daily Crumb

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Alice's Birthday

Today in the news Hally Flowerhood denied all the conspiracy theories

I was on
and came across this trailer for an animated film. Animated... with flash!
Unfortunately most of the information avaliable about it is in Russian but i am sure you can appreciate the artwork here.
"Alice’s Birthday, is an upcoming 2009 Russian flash-animated feature film directed by Sergey Seryogin and being made by the studio “MASTER-FILM”. It is based on one of a series of stories by well-known writer Kir Bulychyov about Alisa (Alice) Seleznyova, a young girl living in the second half of the 21st century."

Film promo reel

- The Daily Crumb


Edit: Today in the news a fish ran away with a dune

check out this AMAZING art website for PIXAR!

From the new CARS TOONS for TV is the US
Well i am very sorry but it looks like the video clip has been taken off of youtube.
It starred Mater as a fire engine!

You can still watch one of the clips from the show

- The Daily Crumb

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A write up

Today in the news words are only the diamond in the harbour.

In important news today:
"Excuse me, could you take over?"
"But you're the one getting paid to guard the door."
"Yes i know.. but... i need the toilet."
"Why? Well, because i drank alot earlier."
"Oh right, so that is an excuse now is it? Gosh, did the dog eat your homework?"
"No... please, i am busting."
"No, i am only paid to serve free drinks."
"Yes, it was your FREE DRINKS that caused this."
"So it is my fault is it? Well, you are not doing a very good job of winning me over."
"Just stand by the door untill i get back!"
"I said no. Do you know what that means?"
"Yes it means Yes"
"You really are a git."
"I try to be, drink?"
"You realise if i move, certain government information may become avaliable to any old passer by wondering into the secure room?"
"No, i did not realise that. Still will not do it though."
"Wait.. what kind of government information?"
"Well, where the treasure is hidden of course."
"You're joking?"
"Oh... well i suppose i could stand there for a lil while."
"No i dont trust you now."
"Nope, you said no no no. you cannot just change your mind like that."
"Please! You can have another free drink!"
"What about free pie?
"Ok, you stand there while i go to the toilet."

(He returns)
"Have fun standing by the door?"
"Well i wondered in, they asked me who i was. i said a passer by. they asked where their guard was and i said i think i saw him nip to the toilet. So i think you are fired."
"Now you are joking."
"Of course i am! Now i know where the treasure is! WOOHOO!"
"No way! how?"
"I went in and served them all free drinks! Heard them speaking! Problem is, the key to the treasure is in one of the men's clipboards."
"Oh.. Well where is it?"
"I am git. I wont tell you."
"Oh come on, i didnt mean that."
"Oh alright, *whispers*"

(The important men leave the room)

"Where have they gone off to?"
"Toilet, too many of my free drinks!"
"You know what this means dont you..."
"Key, now!"
"Go on then."
"Are you not coming? You were all excited about it a moment ago."
"Nah, you go. I trust you to get the key."
"Oh, ok."

"Oh.. hi there.. i did not realise there was still someone in here."
"What are you doing here? Are you trying to get the key?"
"What! No of course not, i was just checking if you were all ok."
"Even though the larger % of us just left the room?"
"Entering this room while there is a meeting is forbidden. You are fired and you will be fined your lifes earnings."

"How did it go?"
"I forgot to mention one of them did not drink."
"Oh yeah thanks."
"It's ok, ere, want to go to Disneyland next week?"
"Ok.... you realise that is where the treasure is buried?"
"Yes, you whispered it to me earlier."
"Ok. Well ill be seeing you, lucky that man brought his clipboard to the loo with him i would never have gotten this key on his way out!"
"You mean to say you had the key when you sent me in?"
"I'm a git."
"Lovely. Disneyland it is."

- The Daily Crumb

Donkey in the Rain

Today in the news there is a donkey, pony and a bird in the rain. I feel so sorry for them.

This is... well a video response to John Hutch's minute of madness.
which you can watch here

So this is a minute of madness.

Sorry but the minute of madness has gone missing

thankyou for your concern.
Please do not smoke

Clips from Eastenders BBC

- The Daily Crumb

Monday, October 27, 2008

The medium is asked to check out a haunted house.

Today in the news fiddle with wires.

Also in the news
Professional Medium Nathanial Tinga was asked to check out a haunted house today.
This video is nothing special, just another home movie.

- The Daily Crumb

Matthew Menhenick's adaption of Harvest Moon

Today in the news
The new BATMAN villain confirmed.

Also, Matthew Menhenick released a new flash animation yesterday based on Harvest Moon, A Wonderful Life.

- The Daily Crumb

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Red text comedies.

Today in the news this is a pointless post for pointless people.

There it is again!
Red text comedies!
Another one! they just keep coming.
They are the films that pass us by and get forgotten.. untill they are shoved in front of our eyes again. (Usually)

Red makes it's way into a lot of American comedy logos. Over time you will notice more of these being released after reading this.
As Dreamworks pumps out storyless animated adventures about fluffy animals (no offense kung fu panda) America continues to make these comedies.

Red text has become the automatic comedy logo for American films. i noticed it on a lot of Eddie Murphy films as well.

Sorry Simon

Just have a look around and you will see :D Daddy day care, Cehaper by the Dozen,
This one might not be red.
but it still has that thick/thin thing going on

And here is one that has seaped into the UK

aaaaand now
just to prove my point

mmm pancakes

You get the picture.. a lot of them.

It has come to my attention that a new Red text comedy film has been released. You may recall these are the many bold RED text american films with RED text actor names on the posters and logos.


AdamSandler ReeceWitherspoon and SteveCarell
But this time we are in for a treat, for the influence of Christmas is on our side. A spark of GREEN

And it is not all about the full title you know.
On almost every single poster and logo i have on this page the main 'actors' names are written in the same way. Red, and Black.

- The Daily Crumb.

Friday, October 24, 2008

The Incredibly whatever man made a blog.

Today in the news snowman earmuffs but otherwise that i pronounce better batter, but only tommorows.
Also in the news if you understand what was said above i congratulate you.


The medium, Nathaniel Tinga's Daily Horoscope:

"Tommorow will be the right day for you. Take that step you wanted to take earlier on."
"It is ok to tell people your feelings, trust those around you. Also dont trust anyone. That is important"
"Terror has striked your family, maybe a money crisis or social problem. If you are unaware of anything ask a family member of the problems."
"There will be a lot of rain in your area this week but will summer up during friday afternoon and lead on to the weekend."
"You have to overcome a problem you are facing. But you will also win a battle this week. I am not sure whether that is a competiton or whether it is just physical violence which is always a good laugh."
"A disease will plague you this week. But sleep it off and you will be fine."
"You know someone whos name starts with K or M. They are going to be kind or mean to you in the coming days."

"This week you will come across a wild animal, but no worries, this could also mean a new friend or enemy."
"Buy that pet you've always wanted to buy!"
"You want to go on a holiday but something is pulling you back. I think it is best you stay for the moment. there are huge opportunities waiting for you."
"Stay quiet, there is nothing for you. I am sorry, i can see a bright future, but nothing for the moment."
"You can do it! That is all i have to say, whether it is smoking, eating or biting your nails, keep at it. I can see a breakthrough on the hill."

It looks like The Incredibly Amazing Man got himself a blog.
You can check it out here
I have not spoken to him since filming so dont ask me anything.

Not really a fan to be honest. Not exactly sure WHAT he is famous for. But if you are, do whatever, check it out.
As you can see Technicolor are providing us with colour at the moment due to the fact that we cannot afford it ourselves.

All projects have been cancelled until we gain some more money.

If you would like to step into the lift i can tell you your future.
- The Daily Crumb
and guest, Nathaniel Tinga, professional Medium.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

How to write a Resume

Today in the news Enid Blyton appeared for a second due to a shock in time.

How to write a Resume/CV with Mr. Mood.

Orright lets began.
First fing off is to start with the awesomeness that is my name.
Mr. Mood. Then give em sumthin to laugh at like a lil joke or sumthin near your address. My address is a bit secret so ill blink it out
blink blink blink, Walkhampton, Drive carefully would you? (That was the joke! See! It real captures the onlookers lookings it does. Dont worry, i aint got a chainsaw.)
If you like you can look up a cheesey off up on the interwebs but dont worry bout hat if you dont feel like having the time hey hey!
So we onto the um , the wumbers now. The wumbers are the code that is on your post box and you hav to liek swap it and put it on the paper. So go ahead and do that now and we'll get started.
So this is a resume i made earlier.

Dear Mrs. (Dont write Miss, or Mr if it is a married woman ok? Or an old woman who is not married or sumthin caus it dont matter. Hatch! Dont woz bout everything. But it is very important if you feel like it matters)
So i'm writing Dear Mrs. Menhenick (Caus this was bak when he was a woman see.)
Nah just kidding, but you can put that if you like it will make them laugh for the funny.
So anyway you can speaks about the weaver if you like.

"Oh the weaver is raining. Allthat jazz. Look, im gunna go and grab and stacks to eat and if you like yuo cvan eat with me on a lil coffee table or watever with chocolate cake and we can talk about paying me and how good would that be! com sit down!"

It is very important to impress your reader/reasdems.
So is the bells youi hear em.
Next part is experience and skiklll;s and all dat hazz got it?
okie dokey ! Lets bagan
My skills are! Real smart, nice hat, good with my villager folk.
I dont need to do a resume reals. caus like, i am like da main guy in Walkhampton like, i order everybutt round and just ya know, organise and jail. I is the village mayor, real estate agent and police popicer.
Is real good at doing m y job (You cans say dis)

And den you sign it off with a tick and you done.
The best way to sign it.. is in blood.... so... Matt, hand me a knife so i can cut my hand... for the signature...


- The Daily Crumb

Monday, October 20, 2008

Horrible News

Today in the news

These photos were taken whilst shooting a new short film titled The Incredibly Amazing Man.

As blob recovers in hospitals Matthew Menhenick sits by the bed crying into a large bucket of rainbow tears.

- The Daily Crumb

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Today in the news a dish ran away with the moon

As renewing my whole website requires time and effort i did not do this.
Instead i revamped the moving image section to be much more simpler to use seperating live action and animation. Plus creating new icons for each film.

- The Daily Crumb

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Today in the news wait i need a lift

My new short animation i mentioned last post is out today.
The Incredibly Amazing Man

You can watch it pure brilliant quality at
or not so brilliant

- The Daily Crumb

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Today in the news a set of earphones set fire to a rapper.

Matthew Menhenick from has been complaining that there has been no release of information on animation or film projects.
Well, that is because there was none...
until today.

The next 'LAZYmation. I like to call them... (these are basically limited animation with lip sync for youtube) (papa fat/willy wonka) will be titled, "The Incredibly Amazing Man."

and the next feature film will be titled, ICECREAM. no more info on that one. i will attempt to keep updated on the work.

- The Daily Crumb

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Official Alien Day

Wow! I think today is official Alien day here at the Daily Crumb!
Today in the news it had been reported a little earlier on that a vessel from the Alien Federation of Light would be arriving in the US. (No joke)
It did!
It abducted Queen Get your head out of the clouds! So, she's gone, i can start branding everything back to it's original state.
Esn Quote: "So many people have placed bets that bookies have stopped accepting them. Which obviously means that it will come true!"
And here is the astonishing blog that predicted it all!

I dont know, the world is insane. Or is it the people that live in it? Of course it is.
So let us escape this ugly planet and venture into a new world.
I am a huge fan of the youtube flash and live action film maker Christian Madsen.
To the planet Gacrux!
Where a janitor has had a bad day.

Enjoy his new animation! Here is his youtube page

- The Daily Crumb

Thursday, October 09, 2008

The chair of Evil Whisper

Words from Queen Get-your-head-out-of-the-clouds!!:
Sat here in the office head chair of the Daily Crumb i have become a little frightened. You see, i did not look into the past of the company before buying it.
People dieing... all of them.
And this morning and ever since i have felt a horrible cold feeling sitting here. I am too scared to move. I am literally frozen at this moment in time.. apart from typing hands.
My father, King do-whatever-because-when-you're-dead-you-wont-remember always used to tell me to think of the ocean and how it will be the first to kill me.
So what is it?
I am going to call up Nathan, the EX owner.
"What is that in the background?"
"You can see through the phone? It is a shelf"
"No i mean the sound."
"It's.. Monkey, journey to the west. Why do you sound so less evil today Queen?"
"You speak so rudely of me."
"And you are not ordering my head be cut off. Are you upset about something?"
"A little. Where is your home?"
"You're in it."
"I am? Well where are you?"
"So where is the music coming from?"
"You turned it on earlier."
"Ok, hush with the mood swings Queeny. It is probably just the ghost of Sennheiser."
"Dont worry, the only people that knew him were those who read every single lengthy story posted on the Daily Crumb in the day of June/July i believe."
"So who was he?"
"He was an old friend. He died. Now he is a ghost. Oh yeah, i was rather mean to him so he is not very nice to anyone in this building anymore."
"What Queen?"
"Kicked me!"
"The ghost."
"Yogurt... it is all chinese."
"No, i was the one that kicked you."
"I'm standing right next to you."
"You dare kick the Queen?"
"There is no one here Queen Get your head out of the clouds. You're ALL on your own. If you disapeared, no one would care."
"They would! i am the queen!"
"I disagree. But to prove my point, lets find out."

The knights of my kingdom have taken Nathan Viney to have his head chopped off. They came in helicopters as soon as they heard my phone call. Good bye to him. The fool!
How dare he!!!

He left the door open.
oh.. i am no longer cold.

- The Daily Boredom Baby

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Hello everyone! I have bought the Daily Crumb!

I am Queen Get your head out of the clouds!
I am throwing the traditional 'Today in the news' into the fire where it will burn. Until it is crispy bacon, and edible.
Because crispy bacon is edible! HAHAHA
I order you too laugh.
I was EXTREMELY BORED and meant to be doing my paper work but it has been failing. The paper pile is way too high. So i decided to buy The Daily Crumb and rename it.

So in the Daily Boredom Baby i will be presenting my favourite things of all time.
1. Smartly dressed people
2. Smartly dressed salads
3. Apple biscuits are good
4. My kingdom of doom.


The Daily Boredom Baby

Today in the news we have been bought out by the evil Queen Get your head out of the Clouds!!!!

As i am asked to pack up my boxes she tells me the new title of the Crumb.
The Daily Boredom Baby..

- The Daily Crumb

Monday, October 06, 2008

Saint Mercury's Mountain Climation

Metal things keep dropping on my head
Today in the news i am addicted to Oasis' new album. Although it has not come out yet... every song has been released to listen to on their myspace page.
Until they are taken off there is no need for buying it (silly Oasis)

Also some important news:
Saint Mercury went to Benjamin Biscuitboy today asking permission to start a foundation for mountain climation. This would involve getting into highly developed space pods and molding the mountains with giant flame throwers whilst climbers try to reach the top.
You can choose which class you would like to be in. Climbers, or murderers.

Also in the news
Saint Mercury of the Mercury and Physio therapy church has released information on his new hit album.
It will be titled, "When climbers like to fall."
The first single will be titled, "Crispy."

I do hope i get money."

That was Saint Mercury there advertising his newest and greatest and only last album.
Saint Mercury hopes he will get money.

Also in the news i must scream about Blob Corps next film. It is a flash cartoon based on the original game Harvest Moon (For gamecube i believe). With a unique story and some new characters, these are words from her mouth. I mean, his. Matthew Menhenick posted screenshots on his blog.
I must applaud his active animating whilst i dig the dirt for a cure to laziness.
You can find some fantastic screenshots on the blog:

Where are my ideas huh? I have a few, just all seperate and need clicking together.

- The Daily Crumb

Sunday, October 05, 2008

The Tune

cToday in the news:
"It is the truth, everything that i once said. If you do not believe me, look at the rainbow."
Amazing and inspiring words from the great Lemington Squid who died today after falling down a hole and getting some dirt in his eyes.

There was a young boy walking down the lane, he was asked to grab the rubbish. But as he went to Bag It Up he fell backwards at The Shock of the Lightning.
A man moved up to him, a Solider On a hover craft. He told the boy of the Nature of Reality and that soon they would all be Falling Down.

They stood in the silent. Just Waiting for the Rapture. "It is The Turning!" In the distance the road started to rip upwards, pulling cars and homes with it. A rip through the concrete, a woman was riding away from the wave of destruction on a horse.
"Get Off Your High Horse Lady!" Shouted the Solider waving. She jumped off still looking at the flowing madness in the sky. "What are we going to do?"
The solider looked at the boy, "Aint got Nothin."
Suddenly a man appeared with a large hat and tie holding his watch on his wrist. "Oh no, I'm Outta Time. I came too late, this is the end of the world!"
"NO!" The heroic boy screamed, "Let us all Dig Out Your Souls! We will go To Be Where There's Life!!!"

The Tune

Is it pink,
Is it purple?
Is it shaped like a circle?
Or maybe a bucket or two?

Is it fast?
Is it fare?
Is it sharp like a square?
Filled with beasts and with ghouls. Just like you!

Is it holy?
Is it snowy?
Does it call itself Toby?
Does it take you for a fool?

Does it present you with gifts?
Down the river it hitches
a ride with a man made of glue.

Filled with Geese!

- The Daily Crumb

Friday, October 03, 2008


Today in the news a lonely said to a drunk, "Gods over there." and the drunk was hit by a car.

Here is a fantastic film we watched at college today
Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Also i must mention Matthew Menhenicks blog is no longer RMN COPZ. it is now

- the Daily Crumb