Sunday, October 05, 2008

The Tune

cToday in the news:
"It is the truth, everything that i once said. If you do not believe me, look at the rainbow."
Amazing and inspiring words from the great Lemington Squid who died today after falling down a hole and getting some dirt in his eyes.

There was a young boy walking down the lane, he was asked to grab the rubbish. But as he went to Bag It Up he fell backwards at The Shock of the Lightning.
A man moved up to him, a Solider On a hover craft. He told the boy of the Nature of Reality and that soon they would all be Falling Down.

They stood in the silent. Just Waiting for the Rapture. "It is The Turning!" In the distance the road started to rip upwards, pulling cars and homes with it. A rip through the concrete, a woman was riding away from the wave of destruction on a horse.
"Get Off Your High Horse Lady!" Shouted the Solider waving. She jumped off still looking at the flowing madness in the sky. "What are we going to do?"
The solider looked at the boy, "Aint got Nothin."
Suddenly a man appeared with a large hat and tie holding his watch on his wrist. "Oh no, I'm Outta Time. I came too late, this is the end of the world!"
"NO!" The heroic boy screamed, "Let us all Dig Out Your Souls! We will go To Be Where There's Life!!!"

The Tune

Is it pink,
Is it purple?
Is it shaped like a circle?
Or maybe a bucket or two?

Is it fast?
Is it fare?
Is it sharp like a square?
Filled with beasts and with ghouls. Just like you!

Is it holy?
Is it snowy?
Does it call itself Toby?
Does it take you for a fool?

Does it present you with gifts?
Down the river it hitches
a ride with a man made of glue.

Filled with Geese!

- The Daily Crumb

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