Friday, October 24, 2008

The Incredibly whatever man made a blog.

Today in the news snowman earmuffs but otherwise that i pronounce better batter, but only tommorows.
Also in the news if you understand what was said above i congratulate you.


The medium, Nathaniel Tinga's Daily Horoscope:

"Tommorow will be the right day for you. Take that step you wanted to take earlier on."
"It is ok to tell people your feelings, trust those around you. Also dont trust anyone. That is important"
"Terror has striked your family, maybe a money crisis or social problem. If you are unaware of anything ask a family member of the problems."
"There will be a lot of rain in your area this week but will summer up during friday afternoon and lead on to the weekend."
"You have to overcome a problem you are facing. But you will also win a battle this week. I am not sure whether that is a competiton or whether it is just physical violence which is always a good laugh."
"A disease will plague you this week. But sleep it off and you will be fine."
"You know someone whos name starts with K or M. They are going to be kind or mean to you in the coming days."

"This week you will come across a wild animal, but no worries, this could also mean a new friend or enemy."
"Buy that pet you've always wanted to buy!"
"You want to go on a holiday but something is pulling you back. I think it is best you stay for the moment. there are huge opportunities waiting for you."
"Stay quiet, there is nothing for you. I am sorry, i can see a bright future, but nothing for the moment."
"You can do it! That is all i have to say, whether it is smoking, eating or biting your nails, keep at it. I can see a breakthrough on the hill."

It looks like The Incredibly Amazing Man got himself a blog.
You can check it out here
I have not spoken to him since filming so dont ask me anything.

Not really a fan to be honest. Not exactly sure WHAT he is famous for. But if you are, do whatever, check it out.
As you can see Technicolor are providing us with colour at the moment due to the fact that we cannot afford it ourselves.

All projects have been cancelled until we gain some more money.

If you would like to step into the lift i can tell you your future.
- The Daily Crumb
and guest, Nathaniel Tinga, professional Medium.

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