Monday, October 06, 2008

Saint Mercury's Mountain Climation

Metal things keep dropping on my head
Today in the news i am addicted to Oasis' new album. Although it has not come out yet... every song has been released to listen to on their myspace page.
Until they are taken off there is no need for buying it (silly Oasis)

Also some important news:
Saint Mercury went to Benjamin Biscuitboy today asking permission to start a foundation for mountain climation. This would involve getting into highly developed space pods and molding the mountains with giant flame throwers whilst climbers try to reach the top.
You can choose which class you would like to be in. Climbers, or murderers.

Also in the news
Saint Mercury of the Mercury and Physio therapy church has released information on his new hit album.
It will be titled, "When climbers like to fall."
The first single will be titled, "Crispy."

I do hope i get money."

That was Saint Mercury there advertising his newest and greatest and only last album.
Saint Mercury hopes he will get money.

Also in the news i must scream about Blob Corps next film. It is a flash cartoon based on the original game Harvest Moon (For gamecube i believe). With a unique story and some new characters, these are words from her mouth. I mean, his. Matthew Menhenick posted screenshots on his blog.
I must applaud his active animating whilst i dig the dirt for a cure to laziness.
You can find some fantastic screenshots on the blog:

Where are my ideas huh? I have a few, just all seperate and need clicking together.

- The Daily Crumb

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  1. Thanks Munch!
    Looking forward to any animation you dish out in the future!