Wednesday, May 14, 2008

RIP and A Wall Painted Animation

Today in the news the 'Artistic Bzap Film School' of Hoyton Finacliff have began to save up enough money for the Daily Crumb to build a new and improved studio.
At the moment we have no writers apart from myself. I cant get over all of the monkeys dieing, and that ben (Happy Frown).
I watched them drown, that wasnt a walk in the park. I am sitting at the desk of the new office, Vectors ashes are sitting on the shelf.
The ceiling is caving in every now and then. I have to keep rebuilding it, i got a call from Adam Phillips and he seems to have 'quit'. Or at least, he wont be returning because he is worried for his life. Oh and then Project Insanity called and just laughed down the phone at me.
A journalist actually wants to write an article about me... i mean. I am the journalist! this is my paper!
It is like death follows any member of The Daily Crumb.
Back in the day Vector was killed by the mob, or was he crushed by a giant box... i cannot quite remember. Well one of them he survived to die the enxt time, most likely survived the mob.
Many of our customers have died as well, like that guy who worked in the custard factory.
Now we mourne for all of the monkeys and Happy Frown (Who was quite new to the Daily Crumb as an entertainer).
We called up Brad Bird to see if he was interested but he was rather negative about joining.

Keep you updated folks.
Yesterday was a sad day for all of us.
oh and look!

MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.

- Nathan Viney, the last living member of The Daily Crumb

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