Monday, May 12, 2008

There was an Elephant and Goobus

i gotta get to australia before vanilla coke disapears

Today in the news there was an Elephant and Goobus. That is about all i have time for today.
But in case you were worried about how much time you're useing on my living room clock take a hike across a wooden bridge. If it breaks, you will die but dont let that ruin your thirst for Vanilla Coke which is not avaliable in the UK.

Goobus, a dark nothing that locks you behind doors that are locked already. Goobus, the fierce creature that shakes you when your eyes are inflating.
There is nothing so scary, but today old Goobus came to The Daily Crumb Studios crying for help. We gave him a tissue and waited his story:
"It was just a usuel day. There was a fire in the city hospital. As one man tried to escape i locked there door and then sat next to it playing my new Space console game. He cried on the other side of the glass as the fire spread.
I thought this would be another successful murder. But a big blue elephant walked down the corridor and stood next to me.
As you all know i was born allergic to such animals. I ran off crying like i am now all over your tiles."
At that point he paused and the Happy Frown office entertainer clown shouted, "We're flooded! I'm drowning ever so fast mother!"
It was not long before Goobus lost his frown and became very happy.
So what did he do? Fly off and lock the main door.

"It is always good to bring happiness to a person"

Nathan (Myself) escaped out of the back door with Vector's ashes in a jam jar. Unfortunatly Happy Frown drowned... as well as all of the monkeys.

An extremely tragic loss of story.
The blue elephant entered our torn down Studios today giving an apology. We made it known it was not his fault. Before we could breath the elephant sucked up all of the water with his trunk. He then spat it our powerfully creating rain for a dry farm near by.
The farmer was very happy and awarded us a medal of bravery.

But a medal does not help a person or persons forget the loss of seven monkeys (including Sammy) and Happy Frown the Clown.
Adam Phillips was out at the time so escaped the massacre.
I suppose we have to re locate our studio and hire some more staff.

Matthew Menhenick has denied any rumours of joining the Daily Crumb saying "Death follows any employee"

Here is a picture of our new location.

Long live Vectors ashes and myself as the writer.
Interested in joining the Daily Crumb?

- The Daily Crumb

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