Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Vote Adam Phillips

As most of you know Radiohead collided with Aniboom to create a rather frightening germ.

That is not the germ, that is just the vocalist Thom Yorke.
Why do people say 'front man' in bands? Isn't every member the front man? Ok, so they dont all stand at the front.. but it dosent sound good for the others.
What am i going on about? Probably something i know nothing about.
Anyway the germ is spreading.
The military were called, by us, but as of yet no one has shown up. He is lying on our office floor burping out the orangy yellow chunks all over the innocent monkeys.
I got The Happy Frown Clown (The office entertainer) to lock Thom and the monkeys in a cell so the germ does not spread.

But anyway.
Adam Phillips has entered the competition with the best song on the album 'A puzzle piece in maze'.

And he wants YOU to go ahead and vote 5 bombs for him. It will help him become rich.
So here is the video and at the LINK you can rate 5.
Apparently the animatic was all done on 'Storyboard Pro'. Or something ToonBoom anyway.


- The Daily Crumb

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