Tuesday, May 20, 2008


About 2 weeks from now we shall witness Steven Moffats two part episode in Doctor Who.
It cant be as good as Blink but then i used to think sheep couldnt brutally murder people. I was proved wrong in Black sheep which is all real.
Doctor Who Executive Producer and Head Writer Russell T Davies has stepped down for 2010's series of Doctor Who giving the bbc the chance to pick out the best writer of the 3 come-back series a chance to be head. Steven Moffat.
Will he do a good job? Well he can sure write brilliantly but can he fit inside Russells tiny shoes?
We will just have to wait and see, see what the future brings.
Anyway, here is a preview of the next episode in Doctor Who (SILENCE IN THE LIBRARY)
I find when thinking back to all his amazing episodes, they're all things us as viewers would have thought of. He was the one to bring them to the screen.

Hundreds of film makers make zombie-like characters with gas masks every year. Gas masks are scary, write a story around that and you have a freaky situation going on.
Next one, clockwork monsters.
Although i wouldnt have thought about making them french :D So that plot, i admit was very out there and different. (i am not saying negatively at all. i am praiseing him)
Next, we hit Blink. the greatest episode of doctor who....... yes.
But looking back, also giving the doctor who episodes that were base don the doctor we'll say it was the best as a spin off (For those complainers)
scary statues, angels.
thought of many times. Adds the scare factor of not being able to blink or they get closer... and you have a classic.
Next episode
Shadows.... in a library.
shadows... easily thought of. Librarys are very spooky places and lets put it in space because its a sci fi.
You have a bunch of excellent episodes. But will he be able to continue doing this through his own series, i look forward to seeing a finale 2 from him.
Soon it'll be his choice whether Tennant stays or goes.
The power will site in his hands.

- The Daily Crumb

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