Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Audio quest continues, Adams lies and Screenshots

As Adam Phillips continues to contain his lies. We at the Daily Crumb haven't quite found Nathan's home yet. But we keep trying, pushing through the white landscape and powerful cold breeze in Antarctica.
In hope of us finding the music man Adam posted two new Waterlollies screen shots to keep the audience he has left close by. He also talks about how Nathan is still working on the sound and music, a lie. The audio is complete, we just need to get there. Adam has sent us to an Avalanche risk area, he says he's worried Nathan has been stuck in a cottage underneath.
Thats what we're doing, we're going to find out the truth, and get the audio safely home as soon as possible.

Here's a link to Adam's blog. Woodenblog
Here are the two new screenshots, you can view every screenshot released to the public here

- Rufum Ru Sudily

Everyone, lets get ready for this Trailer comp

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