Thursday, October 25, 2007


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Today at specifically something o'clock pm i watched Adam Phillips' Waterlollies. (Add to dictionary)
I was originally planning to film myself watching at whatever place i was when i was finally shown the page. That would have been totally embarrassing.
The page opened, the flash appeared. I was to double check i had the latest flash player, but i did. I watched a plant continuously grew and wondered how that was naturally possible.
And then i realized, this was, Waterlollies.

I know what you're thinking, how was it released when the audio wasn't sent back from Antarctica? We lost 3 monkeys and Vector on our journey. My bread is in a cube of ice, That was his last words anyway.
I performed the music and sent it to Adam with the stage name Nathan Mccree. Well not really, Nathan's music was epic along with the astonishing sound effects. In parts it felt like a Miyazaki film. Many wonderful instruments and all perfectly matching the animation.

Now, the story, without revealing too much is absolutely amazing. The idea of the Waterlollies (Without revealing) was totally unique a long with all the new and old characters.
Reasons the story was so amazing (Without revealing)
- The beginning, showing the usual character way. A great entrance to the animation (Also nice cinematic way of clicking the credits together)
- Then follows on to another dastardly deed, leading to the main plot. (You who have seen, or read the short paragraph that was once on will know)
- That part where leaning behind the tree (Without revealing) Felt like a reunion of the online series he has (Without revealing)
- ^^ Also a reunion of characters (Without revealing)
- The ending, a sort of classic comedy zoom and fade out of that situation. Loved it.

The animation, was and you can probably guess. Epic, i have not seen better animation online ever. If anyone were to say they'd seen better i would violently beat them because it'd be impossible.
This animation, was beyond what the makers of flash could have imagined would be made on their program. (breathe)
The camera angles varied like a feature film would these days. It really does show what animation is meant to be, breaking the boundaries of real life.
This movie does exactly that!
Did i mention the sound effects were amazing too? This animation never gets slow or uninteresting.
It includes all the best bits of the earlier animations, the speed and soaring of Yu Yu. The wonderful detail and character of Little Foot, the amazing effects and storyline of Prowlies and the .. no bingbong :O and the waterfall from Auld Sage with Coldplay.

Believe me, the story, the animation and audio bring this together to be the winner of so many competitions and worthy of the big screen.

I have only watched it about 5 times, and that was as an audience member. Now to look at it as a flash animator *head explodes*

- Nathan Viney of The Daily Crumb

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  1. Anonymous7:20 AM

    uuh ... I can't wait to see it. also, great post. I could almost feel the way this movie is going to impress me.