Saturday, October 27, 2007

Munch's War in Collections

Today in the news Waterlollies= mental medicine.
Munch's War
finally made it into collections
Check it out for yourself
Thankyou!... me, for asking.

I'm going to be sad and quote what Tom said:
Would Munch's War be suitable for the Brackenwood section?
Good point... I added it to the Brackenwood AND Blockhead pages

Well its not that sad, he owns along with some others an amazingly popular website that sponsors online cartoons such as Brackenwood.
Talking of quoting Tom Fulp here's what he said when he watched Munch's War.
Watching Munchs War now... I love it when Adam is like "Wanna buy some Brackenwood

That was sent to me by Mike Swain
I think he made his own script up with that one.
Talking of which, this is what Tom Fulp said when David Firth walked on him in the toilet. "This one's a log."
Oh, and here's a picture of the man himself.

You know what, i should just call this the

He's not worth it.
(Thats not true)
As you know, us at The Daily Crumb watched the best flash animation on the internet.
Check out the review, straight away.

And of course, The Daily Crumb have the link to the final piece.
Please enjoy.
GORE~ eee's
Like Halloween see.

On your left somewhere you'll see a new section called labels. It's split into two
Videolog (17 posts) This includes mostly any post ive made with a video in it since the very first Night blog.
Reviews/Previews/Interviews (5 posts) There are more, i just haven't found them yet. Mainly to make it easier for me to find things.
Speaking of the Crumb itself you'll notice yesterday our number of unique views soared up with the Waterlollies review. Very pleasing.

Talk on "The Internet" Murry (Muzzoid) Lancashire speaks
Hell if i ran over someone in a car, i think i could manipulate the information enough on the net for people to feel sorry for my emotional problems

Of course we are a group of friends, but the thing is that due to technological limits, we cannot truly know someone over the net. Hence why we cant become more than a name with a whole bunch of information stuck on the net, yet people think they know others because of it.

But the truth is that you aren't seeing on the internet someones true form, instead you see what the person wants you to see, a crude reflection if you will.
This is why we should not try and use the internet as a solution for your problems in life.
Anyone can manipulate any situation to make others feel sorry for them on the internet as that is quite often the only source of information present on the event they are telling you about.

But the thing that i guess concerns me the most is the impact on someones personality if they find the only people to feel sorry for them are a bunch of names on a forum. People can become detached from reality, begin to separate themselves from the real world, especially if the only place they can find people who agree with them aren't in their actual life."

- This was not originally for The Daily Crumb but quoted from a thread.
Find Muzzoid at
At the moment he is in the making of a game.

- Nathan (Dutch) Viney

You can find Blockenwood at
and Brackhead at
and of course Tom Fumb at

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