Thursday, January 31, 2013

Dennis the Menace TV Series 2013/14

This blog has been quiet for a while, I find other people tell the news and I just read it. But this time I want to give you some news that I am personally excited by!

The Dennis and Gnasher series will be making a return to our screens with some interesting new changes. So, the last series (2009) had Dennis played by Sophie Aldred (Ace from Doctor Who). It also had a new style to it's artwork and a 'nicer' side to Dennis. He was a kid that just wanted to have excellent fun with his friends (Pie face and Curly), but in doing that he'd accidently cause havoc!
This is fine, and made Dennis much more likeable, but unfortunately it meant they had to remove 'The Menace' from the title. Even in the weekly comic 'The Beano' they removed it to match the TV series.

In the last few months The Beano weekly comic has had some crazy changes. For one, Gok Wan Kenobi (Some sort of fashion jedi) changed Dennis' 'well known' parents into completely new PEOPLE!? Pretty much, he is very good, Gok, he did a lot of plastic surgery.

(Later on they then changed the story of Dennis' new parents, giving the readers the impression that Dennis' current dad is actually the 90's Dennis, and his granddad being the 'Dad' character (I) grew up with.
These of course brings up loads of plot holes that have been brought up across this crazy internet universe. 

But oh well! The most important thing is Dennis is Dennis and Bea is a cool sister. Oh and they have parents, that is quite important.
Whether you like the new design parents or not, they WILL be appearing in the new series!

I found this quite exciting, considering the last series, not so long ago had his old parents. They also made Sergeant Slipper fatter. (Though he's probably Sergeant Slipper's son, who lost weight and then gained it again.. gosh the Beano is way more confusing than it used to be). A fellow reader, Harry Rickard related it to the Doctor Who writer 'Steven Moffat's' crazy scripts.

The other important fact is that the new series of Dennis will officially bring back THE MENACE. It seems.
 'will be ABSOLUTELY more menacing…something which will become very clear to everyone when the series is officially publicised.' - M Stirling

So if Dennis' new parents are coming along for the next series WHAT ELSE WILL BE? Will Dennis be transformed into his 90's style design similar to the original series and the current Beano comics? Surely he has to be!

I may miss the sweet Sophie Aldred Dennis living his life, but someone's really got to get revenge on Walter...come on.

Here is what new voice of Dennis, Christopher Johnson (CBBC presenter) had to say about the new series. " I cannot possibly expand on anything EXCEPT how bloody funny the scripts are and how much of a joy 
they were to perform. The other cast members are incredible and flesh out Beanotown with ease. Can't wait for you all to see it later this year"

Well there you have it! 
New Parents
New Dennis

Here are the things I think should be in the new series!
Cameos from Roger the Dodger, Minnie the Minx, The Bash Street Kids and Billy Whizz....
More Bea!
Great stories! (Like REALLY good. Like on the edge of my seat stuff)


New trailer for the series has been released today. You can watch it below

My first opinion:
"Different style of animation there, not as smooth but the writing looks like a big jump of fun and madness. Just what I was looking for. Although was expecting maybe Dennis to get his 90's style makeover but oh well! with Christopher Johnson as Dennis.
New parents designs"

- The Daily Crumb

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  1. I always assumed they dropped the "the Menace" so as to avoid confusion with that blond American git. Thanks for showing the regeneration of the parents!