Sunday, January 09, 2011

So hello there

How are you folks?
I've been busy animating exploding rabbits and giant gorillas on Little Howard's Big Question, that and visiting my home city in Perth Australia for Christmas.

Any animation you see come from me will probably be for a university project, unless you watch Little Howard.
I upload animations onto my or /thedailycrumb2
There will be a new something out in June. I'm not sure what it is yet but I will keep you updated.

The Two Detectives is a live action series BlobCorpStudios and I work/ed on previous. This has been on a huge break but will hopefully get an episode eventually. Maybe in a month or so. Due to work on both our sides this has been pushed back to 'less importants' as much as we love the characters and stories.
Michael and Freud will be back at some point.

Now if anyone can help me write an essay... a very very big one. That would be mighty helpful. Cya later!

- The Daily Crumb 2011

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