Sunday, January 16, 2011

My Super Music Video!!

Ok so not JUST mine.
I animated a superpowers music video for Little Howard's BIG QUESTION on BBC1

You can check it out here.
Little Howard created and written by Howard 'Drinkwater' Read
Also written by Chris 'Bert's Greasy Cafe' Chantler
Storyboard by director Dermot 'Caramel' Canterbury
Cow by Lana 'Kickupafuss' Cohen
Animation by Nathan 'Bighead' Viney
Compositing by the Compositor people :) 'Bill and Ben'
The series is produced by Kez 'I loves monkeys' Margrie

Can i attain superpowers? I don't know
This is part 2 of the episode. If you want to watch part 1 click HERE

Music video begins at 8 : 50
or just enjoy the episode


  1. That music video was A-Maze-ing! xD Awesomely animated and drawn. Loved the giant robot and the smoke/explosion animation ;P