Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Devils, Blobs and Damon's Shoes

So. UK people will have seen the new Doctor Who, first episode. Though i cannot review it at this time. As any thought about the episode i suddenly go off searching on the internet for trailers and pics. As well as watching the episode for the 8th time since broadcast.
Right now i am working on a music video. Production is going well. But slow. I am up to the final guitar solo in the song so its all crazy abstract wonderous things going on now. Like a bopping monkey.

I'm hoping to have some of the video quite epic. with cracking floors and earth exploding stuff... Anyway you will see.

There are two locations in the music video. A shopping centre and HELL. .. and space. .maybe. We will see. alot of hell is inspired by the new plastic beach model (Gorillaz new Album)

which brings me onto my next topic.
i saw gorillaz live!
myself and 2 friends went up to Bristol (The closest they'll ever get to Plymouth) and went to a band rehearsal.

With Clash members Mick Jones (Guitar) and Paul Simonon (Bass. Who was in The Good the Bad and the Queen.)
And of course the music mastermind behind Gorillaz jumping around at the front of the stage just like when i saw him at Blur Hype Park, Damon Albarn!
But unlike Hyde Park Damon was not a tiny figure on a stage miles away. No, instead he was a few cm away from.
Long time music hero of mine! Next time i'll shake his hand.
i was against the stage where his feet were and he loomed over me :O

Amazing singysong with alot of juicy bass.

Other news is BlobCorp are working on their next film 'Blob: Origins of the New'. Yep that is right, Blob is back!
Though production has just started on this next masterpiece so make a cup a tea and buy a newspaper.

Doctor Who every saturday.
Next episode BBC 1 6:15 (Even earlier? what the?)
Another Steven Moffat and apparently quite scary this time (6:15?)


I do realise that this post is quite a mess, throwing from one topic to another.
So heres a screenshot from Duncan Oakley's Devilsong animation

By the way my website nathanviney.com has a refreshed logo and showreel

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