Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Two Detectives: Sweet Murder

It came as quite a surprise when Detective Encyclopedia and Freud Lowhurt walked into the Daily Crumb office with their pitch.
They wanted us to film them doing what they do best, solving crimes. The two are well known for solving mysteries in the town of Tavistock.
We agreed.

Will they get so close to the murderer that it threatens their own lives?
Watch and see

This video is completely improvised by Nathan Viney and Matthew Menhenick. There was no script and pretty much no ideas before hand. Everything came as the day went as you will soon see.

Below: Cut to 10 minutes version

Below: Full 11 minute version better quality

You can also visit the episodes home page at

Ben Phelps, a fellow animator at Plymouth College of Art liked the video so much he drew some fan art!

Click on the image to go to his Deviant Art


DEVILSONG by Duncan Oakley

Animation is going fine.

I've left a lot of character animation to last *vomits*. Though i must put some socks on first as my feet are cold.

No one forget Doctor Who tonight!

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  1. Hehehehehe loving the fan art XD Love the film more ;)