Sunday, March 28, 2010

Showreel and new Ekalopse song release

Apparently the catchiest song ever made says Bernard Mantrem, head guy at EMI.
Ekalopse have not really officially released 'PIRATES' but it seems to have leaked its way onto The Daily Crumb's Animation Showreel!
So enjoy!
maybe i'll get some jobs with the song :D
Ekalopse had this to say.

Pupendai: "I was having a lazy day. The sky was falling and i wrote the lyrics. Pirates! Though i got some girl to sing them, the one that sung on that 'Old Realm' song. She is fantastic, and made this song her own. It was great fun to work on."
The General: "It is a speedy piece, fast moving, catchy. Nothing too indepth."
Pupendai: "Oh yeah it is about a couple who get attacked by pirates. b=But the couple soon show their true colours and fight back as REAL pirates."
video below

The General: "We've got the lyrics so you can sing along."


you need to know
its a long long way to go

pirates pirates

When we went to the sea
pirates took our money
when they walked away from me
treasure box of fury

Fun in all the roaring
fun in all the glory
as their guns shot fiercly
We began to show them how to be

pirates pi-rates

eye patch and gun they're dead
mug of rum and peg leg

its a long long way to go

what we love this is who we are

who we are
who we are
who we are

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  1. Nice showreel and unique sounding song, something new and fresh ^_^