Monday, March 01, 2010

Blob Corp Studios: Matt and Puddles

As proud crazy advertising freaks The Daily Crumb would like to advertise Matthew Menhenicks new film, Matt and Puddles.

This is the first official look at the world his characters are living in. A real eye opener intro to a big set of stories yet to come our way and electrocute us with entertaining lightning bolts of fantasy.
Matt and Puddles tells the story of two characters (In the title) leaving their terrible dirty horrible mechanical modern day Plymouth and finding a place of freedom, Old Realm.

To celebrate the release of the film 'The General' from EKALOPSE has sent in the lyrics to the song his band produced for the film itself (You can hear it when Matt and Pudds are flying, as well as the credits).

The General spoke about producing the song.
"Pupendai was going through a rough time, this was before the death of our keyboardist (Mr. Bindy). I'd seen some of Matts work earlier on and sort of knew what he was looking for. A fresh new world song, happy, light, and green. Bindy and I played around with some tunes. Then Pupendai came back from the pub and attempted to sing a tune (Lyrics written by myself.) He did ok but it really did not capture the sound i wanted for Old Realm. I called in an old friend of mine, vocalist Jayn Tapilin. She sung the lyrics and it gave the perfect feel for the moment. I can see now it works well with the opening idea of FREEDOM."
- The General email today.

You can watch the film here though i'd really recommend going to this link, due to the higher quality.

Ekalopse: Old Realm
song lyrics

Old Realm

Flowing from the sea
Left the city

Passing the sunlight
As we flee

Gathering along
Gloom seems wrong
Walk from the grey
Singing this song

Bowing down
fleeting off shore
To old Realm
Leaving mist as we soar

you can download Ekalopse album here. Bonus track includes original song

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  1. Thank you for the advertisement! ^_^ And i would love for the general to make me more tunes whenever he felt like it =)