Friday, February 26, 2010

secrets and see saws

27th February
Secrets and See Saws

As you all well know. I was in jail recently, under evil bird, Figg Lomero.
Well it turns out that rich man, Marshall Hens was actually getting no work whilst The Daily Crumb was not running.
So he bailed us out just so he could get a slot in.

The Marshall Hens Words of Wisdom:
"Whilst working on my book i've felt a real connection with whats not and whats is. Based on the colour fabrics of what we believe is total communication amongst tutoring our students."

Marshall is a great guy but i've been away a while so i'll have to cut his words of wisdom short for todays news.

Solo space man tough work back to chair

Caterpillar on train track

and pin not able to penetrate normans foot.


So we've yet again found another daily crumb offices. But due to the amount of people that hate us we will not be revealing our position in the miserable town of Plymouth UK.

No news as to how the old office is doing under the authority and ownership of Figg Lomero.


While i was inside Ekalopse album was released called, Fruit Encyklopedia. With Pupendai still in jail it looks like Ekalopse may be over.
The General, trumpets and percussion for Ekalopse said this "I do not think i would go solo. Mr. Bindy was the best at keyboard and Pupendai was the best at throwing tunes and lyrics at me. Though right now i do not think i could look Pupendai in the eye. Murderering Mr. Bindy has hit me hard. I think i'll just be playing tunes in my basement from now on."
You can find their album here


Daily Crumb studios have also been sketching up a music video whilst in jail. With Rainbow put on hold evil is released.

Cover i designed based on a scene in the music video. Duncan Oakley excellent comedian musician.

The main character saying something.

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  1. Oh wow that main character has such a great design and love the expression on his face. Can tell its going to move like a dream ^_^

    Yay The crumbs out of prison! ^_^