Saturday, November 07, 2009

Shadow in the Kingdom part 1

As two new rulers wake the sun brightens the magical Kingdom of Fiction.
Villagers are leaving their houses for the first time.
"What would you like for breakfast good sir?"Chef Kunen stands prepared at the stove as Benjamin Biscuitboy sits down.
"Have you seen the princess, Kunen?" Benjamin asks with sleepy eyes.
The chef turns to the new king. "Yes my lord, she left this morning. Went to the fields."
Benjamin smiles, "Thankyou. Don't call me, 'my lord'. Just.. keep it at Ben. We've been friends long enough. I'll make my own breakfast. You go home to your family, i will send you gold every week. That is as long as you visit!"
The chef is surprised. "That's not fair on you Ben. I'd be getting paid for nothing."
Benjamin stands up knocking his chair backwards. "Byes!" He then skips out of the kitchen.

The kingdom fields go on forever with swaying grass in the wind. Princess Apple is knelt down by the tallest dead tree.
Benjamin puts his hand on her shoulder.
"What is wrong?" Benjamin leans down to her eye-level.
"We killed the Queen. Your only aunty, your only family. We killed someone."
"You're my family now. And.. she was not.. she could not even be concidered, 'someone'. She was not worth it. She was a disgrace to our kingdom and our people."

Benjamin and the Princess walk among the villagers, through their markets and gathering spots. Benjamin introduces the Princess to all of his past friends, the old and young.

A man walks up to the two.
"What is wrong? You look like you've seen a ghost!" the Princess shouts fearful. "Are you ill?"
The man is shaking, with shocked eyes. "I-i-i-i have..."
Benjamin takes the man back to the kingdom.

Chef Kunen is cooking up some chocolate muffins for the guest. Benjamin wonders over to him, "I thought i said you could leave."
"I wanted to work this one last day. To show my full appreciation Ben." Kunen smiles at his friend.

"I saw her.." The shaking man squirms. "I saw her, she is not dead. The Queen, she is not dead. I saw her wondering the castle walls. She came to my store not too long ago. She was disguised as a villager. But i know there is no villager as fat as her..."
Princess Apple stares silently.
Benjamin leans forward concerned, "Are you possitive it was her?"
"Well then.. Kunen. Demand the knights search the kingdom. I demand she be locked away."
Princess Apple puts a hand on Ben's arm, "Is that not a bit harsh? Maybe she is.. just trying to get back on top. Maybe we should give her another chance?"
Ben frowns for a first time, "I don't think so. Tell me, shaking man... what does this store of yours sell?"
"Knives, my lord."

The kingdom is searched by the knights. Every house searched from top to bottom.
"We are so sorry to take so much of your time up," Benjamin speaks to the families and workmen.

"You found nothing?"
Princess Artistic and Benjamin discuss the matter.
"No sign of her." Benjamin replies. He walks to the window, the sun has almost disapeared behind the mountains. "Will sleep on it i suppose. Tomorrow we search again."
Suddenly a whistling sound screams through the hallways of the dark castle. The candles flutter. Princess Apple grabs onto Benjamin.

Ben's steps echo down the halls as he follows the whistle to the kitchen. "Kunen? What are you doing here at this time of night?"
Kunen smiles innocently, "Sorry, i thought you two could do with hot chocolates before i leave for good. I'm going to miss working for the royals."
"You have been good to this kingdom Kunen, i'd have been happier if you were the one made king." Benjamin answers.
He then takes the princess to their suite.

As night makes no sound Benjamin and Princess Apple sleep. Occasionally a cricket would be heard out of the window but no other. The villagers are all lost in slumber.

A stomp on the floorboards. A shadowy figure floats through the suite doorway.
The moonlight from the window makes the blade glow in the intruders hand. A knife held high as they step closer.
Benjamin wakes up suddenly. The figure is gone, he looks around to see an empty room. Still on edge he pulls himself out of bed and clambers for the wall in the darkness. He lights a candle and holds it up in front of him.
"You're back." Benjamin whispers.
"I'm so sorry." Kunen holds the knife out, placing it against Benjamin's throat. "The Queen, she has my family. This... This..." He begins to cry, "This is all i can do to save them."
Benjamin backs up against the wall, "No.. uh.. Kunen, this is not all you can do. We.. uh.. i can go and get your family back."
"She wants her kingdom back. She needs you dead."

Suddenly a frying pan knocks Kunen out from behind. His body collapses onto the ground, the knife flying from his grasp.

Princess Apple straightens herself up and drops the pan onto the floor. Benjamin smiles weakly to her, "Thankyou." She runs for a hug.

The next day seemed less bright. Twas a grey sky and fierce rain.
And one of the kingdoms houses was missing a family.

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