Wednesday, November 04, 2009

End of the Queen's Era

It has been a busy week in the magical Kingdom of Fiction. Benjamin Biscuitboy and Princess Apple gathered every member of the kingdom and rolled fat Queen 'Get your head out of the clouds' off of the cliff.
Though there may be a chance she is still alive she is most definitely not going to bother us for the moment.
They returned from their honeymoon surrounded by guards. They'd left without warning after a quiet wedding in Naboo.
The Queen was not happy that they had left, she wanted biscuits to eat while they were away. She wanted every biscuit she could gobble down.

The Queen demanded Benjamin and Princess Apple's heads be sliced from their necks in a weeks time.
In the week they remained alive they would have to bake her hundreds of thousands of biscuits. These biscuits would be eaten after they were killed.

So the week went on and they continued to bake and bake for the Queen.
But the Queen got greedy, she wanted the biscuits NOW. So she ate all of the biscuits planned for future storage.

Soon the Queen was so fat her feet were no longer visable.

Her guards finally started to giggle at her stupid image and squeaky voice. Princess Apple and Benjamin Biscuitboy took the time to spread word of her evil ways across the kingdom.

Soon enough the Queen was ambushed by her own people and rolled off the side of a cliff.

King Benjamin Biscuitboy and Queen Artistic the Apple Princess now sit at the head of the kingdom. The nicest people to have ever ruled.

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