Thursday, November 26, 2009

The enws today

Today in the news limousine painted

Also in the news Count Dracula has been arrested at his home in LA. I think you can guess why.

No news on the where abouts of the well known childrens band 'Blue Popcorn Crunch Band'.
Since 2002 they've had hits such as
'Bloody death by bears'
'Mary drowned in the dam'
and 'Choking on the head of a wolf.'

They disapeared halfway through their LIVE show across the UK. This was after some controversy that their show was too bright for younger viewers. There were cases of actual permanent blinding.

Soon enough all their shows had to be changed to theatres in posh areas so the children were used to seeing shiney expensive things. There have been no problems up until now.
We're worried that various parents may have organised to kidnap the band and keep them in an abandoned carnival space.

But enough with boring news

Enws is actually 'news' in Welsh

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