Friday, April 24, 2009

Matt and Nathan presents their film to Sam the Blind Director

Today in the news lets jump from one world to the next

In todays world
Nathan and Matt released their newest short film today.
Matthew: "Dudes, it's pretty much a high fling wacky factor trip snap hollywood style drama smash."
Nathan: "I can't believe he didn't even put my name in the intro!"
Matthew: "Sorry man, i can't writing well deserved names into credits while i'm looking at my hair..... dude."
This is their astonishing production which is being presented to the amazing SAM THE BLIND DIRECTOR next friday which will be documented by the camera men at The Daily Crumb.
Hope it all goes well.

Field of Lethal Poles (Short Film)

- The Daily Crumb

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  1. I love this especially the sound of the pole hit! XD