Friday, April 17, 2009

Stuff that will & Stuff that wont.

Today in the news this title gave away the ending.

Whilst sitting in a cold broken down shed of a studio, The Daily Crumb. I draw what i see fly past the window in the roaring tornado.

This is Matt Smith, the 11th Doctor.
He flew past clutching a picture of his favourite Grandad

I dont know, Matt Smith might possibly become an animation, who knows? i sure dont. I realised that i can not caricature people.
But one thing is for certain, ICECREAM, my next longer than a youtoon animation WILL be made. Not today, not tommorow, certainly not in the next six years but soon enough.

Yeah... the film is not going to look like that. Just so you know.

Matt with a wig is on his way!

- The Daily Thumb

1 comment:

  1. Love the Matt Smith character it looks great!
    ICECREAM is happening!? YES! I can't wait! More excited for this then Up or Toy Story 3! :D