Saturday, April 04, 2009

Beginning of the Silver Screen info

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You may have noticed two posts back i was attacked by a falling fan. Well i'm ok, just knocked out for a while with no huge injuries.

The next Silver Screen episode is a PRE Silver Screen, based before any of the ones you may or may not have seen at this time.
There will be possibly three episodes leading up to 'Unsafe for the Silver Screen'.
Looking at it these episodes are going to connect much better than the others did but we'll see.
So we're back in time, everyone and everything is different. This is before they even got to the village of Walkhampton.

Matt and Nathan are aspiring film makers (Like Unsafe). But unfortunately they are terrible at it. At the same time they run their own radio show.
But something interrupts their lifestyle. The medium turns up...
The rest is HISTORY

- The Daily Crumb

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