Saturday, February 16, 2008

Teapot Time

Today in the news a man woke up to find his face had been molded into a teapot
This opens up to todays working update.
*It's time for a cup of time folks*

If you haven't seen Teapot Time and the horrible Teapit of Pat ...? :I on British television then you will not know what i am talking about.
A quote from the late Terry Teaplop, "Goaaah. Tastes like i don't like it."

hoo hoo we make no sense here at the Daily Crumb. Theres no TV show.
So if you've just come in we'll repeat the news for today.
Today in the news Terry Teaplop of Torten Shire bank road of Tortoise Clover saw a tattoo he'd rather like to tatatouille on the old town teapot mine.

If you understood that
You can shake Sammy's hand.
And Vectors hand.
Vector is a corpse.

Ok so im working on two projects

1. Collabortatiob qi Maty Mnehaick
2. Tomayth and pals you dc ant handle the dk onws

'Journey for the Architect' is the collaboration piece.
Both animated on flash, haven't had time for toon boom yet. Sorry Karina and myself himself. Thats me. I wish, and i hope i have time soon but t&p has, wait for it. 13 more backgrounds to do :O
and all the animation that accompanies that.

want some preview screen shots?
oh alright.

oh sorry, well that was the T&P preview.
Heres the monk one.

(Yes thats Tintut next to him)
and now for

Studio Ghibli: Laputa, Castle in the Sky.
Although most of the art form is traditional manga style and the character animation isn't up to scratch with the latest films this is one of my favorites of the collection. A magical story with magical characters. But aren't all Hayao's films ^_^
Sweeney Todd by Tim Burton
Sing along! "Finest in the shop, and we have some Shepherd's pie peppered with actual Shepherd on top! And i only just begun, the politician so oily its served with a..
AAaanyway. It's dark and gloomy, just like most of the others. The colours are amazing and the acting ain't so bad either. This reviews t0o short to be longer.
Studio Ghibli: Tales From Earthsea
Goro's first film, i like it though ive had mixed views from readers of the books. See it for yourself.
Pixar's Ratatouille

Oh and heres a little info about myself to be posted with the Monk collab
Beginning so many years ago Nathan and his family hid in an old theatre watching films over and over. His father found an old store room and set up home there, stocking biscuits and old jars of ink. The family lived there happily using the public toilets and stealing the food stocks at night. They always made sure not to leave a mess for the morning so the owner didn’t notice any changes. Two years went on and the family were found eating at some popcorn on the floor by a visitor. On the same day they were taken away by the police. The children Nathan, eight year old sister and a baby boy were send to different families. Unfortunately Nathan was sent to a rather violent family that liked to cut at skin with broken bottles. They threw darts at a red pen mark on his forehead and made him cook five large meals a day. In an interview he said “I didn’t like it much at all” He ran for it at the age of thirteen and hid in the back of a van. That’s where it all started. The van was doing a delivery to the city stocked up with paper and mechanical pencils. Over a three day journey every piece of paper had a doodle on it, mostly of gruesome events and story ideas. The van reached the City of Plymouth and Nathan jumped out of the van before it was unpacked. The man who was driving the van reported “I was fired but it was for an amazing celebrity so I don’t mind. Spare any change?” Nathan found a broken laptop in a large bin he had found comfort in. He had slept there for a few days and was used to hiding away. The laptop screen was completely new to him, he recalls biting it and pressing the screen. In the end he found his finger moved a tiny cursor and he discovered Flash. A program he could draw his scribbles and make them move. Soon enough he was making money from doing little film screenings in his alleyway. He wasn’t eating throw away junk anymore but KFC burgers with jarlsberg cheese. He met a man with a curly moustache and top hat who suggested Plymouth College of Art and Design. He gave him his card and walked off. Nathan originally thought he meant it was a new place to stay so slept eventually lived in the college library, they seemed very open to anyone. He still lives there, getting food scraps from the bins and such. He is now doing a course on moving image and hopes do get a house and animation degree in the future. This piece is his first Collaboration. I hope you enjoy.
- The Daily Crumb

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