Friday, February 29, 2008

The calling of Ginu Gindress

Ginu Gindress is an amazing digital artist. Known mainly on the interweb world of Deviant Art. Some of her/his pieces have shocked the keyboard students across this dimension.
And now, Ginu Gindress is showing off some work. Right here, for us.
It cost The Crumb a chunk of jar coins but we piggy opened it and molded the shape of a rich maidens face.

^ A delightful piece of work.
Ginu is from the country of Fish. And the county of Crown. And the school of about nine.
Shes basically training on the English language. We interviewed her.
So Miss Gindress what inspired your latest artwork?
"Erh, Glass fish plastered, erh... on sand, stuck on scales like saw flush basket shame."
Many words, meshed together from a very wise man there. Thankyou Ginu.
Ginu is Japanese.
She has done some amazing photography as well.
Heres a nice shot she took of John Lasseter feeling Hayao Miyazaki's shoulder.

Poor Totoro man.


Also in the news the mad Hatter has made an article on shoe polish. It will be released in the coming weeks. So WATCH OUT.

Take a sneak peak into The Daily Crumb studio and you'll find.
The Staff List.

Nathan Viney
Patrick Soup
Mad Hatter
Daniel Kerr (Deceased)
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Ugly Frown (Office Clown)

- Crumbbucket.snatch.

Ugly Frown the Office Clown has written a story for tonight.
"Good nice sake. i cant lift that, its a HORRORble HAUNTED looking mirror." Two men in a DARKish hallway thats CREAKY. and the LIGHTS NOT WORKING!!! "Well you *SWEAR WORD* have to pick it up, its too heavy just my WEAK AND FRIGHTENED arms."
"I said, oh come on you waste of GLOOM and DOOM and DEATH"
So they both grabbed the IF IT BREAKS ITS BAD LUCK FOR THE BOTH OF THEM mirror and heaved it up the CREAKY WOODEN stairs.
They both fell and cracked their WHAT? THERES NOTHING 'HOORRRIBLE TO PUT HERE. oh ok.. sorry. you know, id sort of got used to you screaming like that. Anyway. They both fell and cracked their necks BLOOD everywhere, spraying onto the WINDOWS and.... whyd you capitalize 'windows?'. WINDOWS ARE SCARY... THE TRADITIONAL ONES ANYWAY. WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?
The blinds set fire and WAIT WAIT WAIT........ FIIIIRRREEEEEE! yes.... and anyway. this is getting confusing they all die.
the end.



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