Thursday, April 03, 2014

Art and Cartoons

Wassily Kandinsky

I think all art is one in the same, (music, paint, drama, writer). Specifically whether cartoons or abstract paintings. In the end, each has had so much in-depth thought, never to be understood by the viewer put in. Cartoons just send a clearer message once completed. I am referring to the mind of a cartoonist and how it searches for personalities in a very real world of characters. Those emotions discovered by a cartoonist for their characters are similar to those that turn up on a gallery piece of paint splodges. Both have had the artist take their mind somewhere else. Abstract art is just a raw cartoon in some ways. Where as cartoons are emotions of an artist translated into something slightly more readable,abstract art is just the emotion. This is why people go and stare at them, trying to figure out what the artist means. Cartoons may be easier to take in than some other art, but all types are still hiding something. 

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