Tuesday, February 18, 2014

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Today in the news while yesterday has been recorded it's existence will never ever be fully evidenced. The touch and feel of a unique day will not be a perfect memory and cannot be replayed.

Also in the news

I was in 3 videos!??!?!! WHAT? What the? Videos? What is this word you talk about? Do you not mean VHS? Or Blu Ray? Or??? Hologram projection?
I was in three videos recently. An old friend came round from the days of 'The Silver Screen Series' and 'The Two Detectives' as well as the creator of the award winning Youtube Animated series,'Lillium'.

His name was Matt, as he reminded me at the front door. I'd known a few Matts in my time and so I had to stay watchful of thieving.
He held a gun to my forehead and told me he was making Youtube Videos again, some were recordings of him playing video games and some of him talking to a puppet. But he wanted something a little different, he wanted an element of danger. A chance of death, or at least a possible puke.

So we did the baby food and cinnamon challenges.... enjoy.

We also did this one, a wonderful short about two odd gentlemen

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It is going very well thank you.
Here is a glimpse at what is to come!
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