Sunday, May 09, 2010

WHAT is going on Daily Crumb?

So what is coming in the future for The Daily Crumb?
The cracks in time are cleaning out planets across the universe, faces in history.
There may not be any new productions from me for a while. This is due to the face that i'll be doing some more freelance work.
So no new animations for a while anyway. But there is a small, light of hope that we could film at least one episode of 'The Two Detectives' in this time.
If not it looks like it will be a summer shoot, which should be fine. And fun!
(anyone notice i said face instead of fact? :O )

Matthew Menhenick and I have written two episodes of 'The Two Detectives.' Yes, they are written now, no more improvised :( go cry in your corners.
Whether we'll be able to perform a full script is a mystery.
Until then i'll be working freelance, coursework and watching a lot of Jonathan Creek. (And Doctor Who) The two best shows in the world? I know a lot of good shows

So that is the news update.
Pupendai sent us another email mentioning the album.
"...and thats why i can't have a bath in a stable. Also, about the album. We are three songs short... four singers short. It is ok, i'm sure you can be patient. There will hopefully be 13 songs. So a lot is done. Just lacking those extra songs to fill in the gaps. I personally think the album NEEDS them. So you will have to wait for that. The General says, the longer they take, the more time he has to fix up the songs. Should we give them a track list? (General mumbling in the background) Yeah alright. I'll attach a track list."

Ghosts and Gold Track list

1. Electric Sky
2. Almost Paradise (guest)
3. Bulldozed (guest)
4. NurseryGlitch (guest)
5. Pirates (guest)
6. Gold Light (guest)
7. Bus stop
8. Virus Room (guest)
9. Chatter
13. Moving to the Underground (guest)

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