Monday, May 03, 2010

Ekalopse and Blobs

First up in the news
Ekalopse have decided to release a few short clips of the songs on their new album.
They sent them into Daily Crumb Radio to play live.
this was recorded earlier today.
video below

Pupendai, the vocalist said this about the album.
"I wanted to step away from the microphone for this album, put all my ideas into the writing. As well as help The General with the tunes."
The General: "We started asking around. We wanted an epic loving sound to this album. One you can't get with a boring bland dead voice like Pups. No offense"
Pupendai: "None taken."

The General: "On the first album we got my friend Jayn Tapilin to come in and do a song. she was a fantastic singer so of course we were going to bring her back. You've heard her song Pirates already i believe. Waiting to meet up with her again for another recording session. Along with three other artists. The album will have 13 songs and there are only 3 left to record.
Pupendai: "We also got a musician known for his underground mining work, Sam Smith. He came in and destroyed you General! He so destroyed your music with his own. He ROCKS!"
The General: "Yeah ok.. dont rub it in. He was good. All together there are 8 guests."
Pupendai: "Nine including my niece, Pisketti."
The General: "Yes, she did Maniac when Mr. bindy was on keyboard and now Bus Stop."


Its a bit late news. But Blob Corp Studios released their latest amazing fantasy film. And guess what, its a blob story!
wahey! Everyones favourite eyeball jelly is back.

Blob goes on an emotional journey to find out his past.
yummy animated foods
video below

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  1. Hahahahaha one guy sounds like a dumb guy XD I actually really like ghosts and gold =D Some nice chilling tune. Keep it up ;)

    Oh and thanks for the advert =P