Friday, July 24, 2009

Matt Smith takes a bow

Today in the news Matt Smith robbed people of their clothing and made a run for it.
There is no word yet of Steven Moffat's reaction to the incident.

Of course not! Though the Doctors new costume is certainly an odd choice. Doctor Who's next star, Matt Smith will be the child of Mr. Bean and Indiana Jones teaching a class.

Filming for Steven Moffats new 2010 series of Doctor Who began on July 20 and as far as i know went onto the 21st. As expected the cameras were attacking the open space filming session in Wales. Or to be specific "Bad Wolf Bay, Norway?"
Below is Amy Pond, The Doctors new companion, The Doctor and the new look TARDIS which has been newly painted, an added sticker on the door and replaced windows.

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But it is not all NEW NEW with the TARDIS. It is clear Steven and crew have tried to refer back to the originals with William Hartnell's TARDIS looking quite similar.

Sort of...
So in the end it is all very exciting. The many many photographers picked up a spoiler as well. This being the return of Professor Riversong who appeared in the Silence in the Library/ Forest of the Dead episodes in the Tate series. Both episodes written by Steven Moffat.

Though filming seemed to be a competition of funny faces. Something to look forward to in the future.

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Doctor Who news has been big recently. Tom Baker has returned to the scene and is recording various audio episodes for our ears entertainment after years away.
And of course the week part TORCHWOOD special was broadcast, Children of Earth.

These were fantastic! Though the story was not amazingly strong the writing kept us watching. Plus i believe every added cast member was perfect for the roles.
The best part of it was that it was real sci fi drama. This is something Doctor Who sometimes lacks as well as the usual Torchwood series.
This is a real drama without silly jokes or catch phrases, funny monsters or laughing at danger (Although in the Doctors case this is an exception)
Peter Capaldi was excellent as John Frobisher. Making up for his badly written role in the Fires of Pompeii Doctor Who episode.

I loved the shakey camera.
I once listened to a Doctor Who commentary where Russell T Davies was talking about a scene in an episode where the camera had been shakey, handheld. Russell complained about this making it through to the final cut due to the fact that the 'handheld' look was more ADULT. Better for adult TV. Maybe thats something else Doctor Who needs from time to time?
For those in Australia the Torchwood special will be showing on ABC rather than it's original channel TEN.

It is obvious to me that the ABC are good at only choosing to broadcast good TV.

In Children of Earth, aliens arrive with an offer. They call them the '456' which is quite a good alien name. Anyway, the '456' want every single child on earth and through the series of episodes the aliens talk THROUGH the children.
Apparently the 456 use the children as .... drugs. OR as my sister thought they said, 'vans'. So aliens want to use our children as vehicles to drive around their little planet in the sky.

Well even though children and parents were running for the hills to get away from the horrible fate. The soliders stealing the children, ready to deliver them to the 456....

someone was pretty happy to be taken to the aliens.

"Is there anybody out there?" - Little Howard

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BBCphotos. Little Howard created by Howard Read. Karen Gillan copyright to Karen Gillan

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  1. Professor Riversong making a return!? :o That should make for a good storyline. Love the idea of Little Howard being amongst the torchwood crew. "Is there anybody out there?" :D
    I haven't heard about Children of Earth :S