Saturday, July 18, 2009

Ekalopse: Maniac

Today in the news text book read by many year olds in large room that still succeeds to be claustrophobic.

So a lot has been happening over the last few weeks. And who else to thank but the days themselves.
We actually tried to give Monday his award yesterday but failed to find his address. It seems after so much popularity with him being a household name he was under a lot of pressure. It is rumoured that he actually changed his name to Dave and is now staying in Decembers basement. We did follow this up and find Decembers house, he had this to say.
"You caught me at a good time. I'm not so busy this time of year. You're asking me if Monday lives in my basement? No he does not. I don't even have a basement. You're probably thinking of Febz. He keeps his family in the basement, you should hear them scratch the door."
Wedensday was away but we met her brother Brady, he said she was out at the park playing the guitar for tips. Apparently even though these days are so famous they really have no money.

Of course days have difficulty getting jobs because they're committed to one day. There are not too many careers to take with this limitation, or not many well paying ones.


We just got an email in from Pupendai, the lead smoker of the band Ekalopse. Ekalopse formed inside Mr. Bindy's head.
Mr. Bindy is the green guy that plays the keyboard.

It seems Pupendai is very angry.
The email was very very long. We had to cut it down for younger readers.
"Curse word"
Basically the dog with the hat is very grumpy that Ekalopse's latest track has been LEAKED onto the internet by a certain, EllieandJimmy on youtube. We're not sure how this user got the track.

The track is now online and listenable. It features the usual members, Pupendai doing vocals, Mr. Bindy at the keyboard, General Ekalopse playing drums and base.
And Pupendai's sister Pisketti was a guest co writing the song, doing vocals and playing strings. She's the little yellow one.

(video below)

The band are very upset it has been leaked. Absolutely no money is being passed onto them. But still they want you to enjoy the music.

You may remember the video to their last song
Ekalopse can't make music. You can find it here

What's frightening? That we have holes in our front doors. When an old man buys a book from amazon he does not expect the heart attack crash waiting for him when the parcel falls from the mail slot onto the floor below.
That old man is dead.
Do you ever feel an odd rush of interest and horror when you've found out someone has died that also lived a life online. Meaning they may have had a myspace, facebook, twitter, made music, drew pictures or made videos?
Then you see them and think, they're dead now. It is extra interesting when they've been murdered or had an epic ending death. Death notes are also another good read.

- The Daily Crumb


  1. Hahahaha glad to see the song online, although the first ekalopse song is so much better! :D

  2. And another thing, why on earth give an award to 'Monday'? Monday means start of work or college and everyones tired. Friday, now that day should have an award. Or maybe sunday. Sundays always been a good day for me :)