Sunday, March 16, 2008

The least exciting preview on earth

Today in the news a tall man was playing basketball. He found out he'd eaten the hoop.
His in hiding at this point in time.
RMN productions blog is up and running again, how long will it last? I'm not sure. I'm also not sure why because RMN wont be making any productions in the near future. But some old films will be released back onto the internet soon enough.
(Please not not get RMN productions mixed up with RMN Copz the animation)
The blogs open here
i say i say i say
do not forget to check out the RMN Copz blog for continuous updates.
Both Matthew Menhenick and I are working on separate projects for our final major so keep checking both the Crumb and the Copz blog.
The new Crumb animation will be titled
"You can't handle the knowledge"
and will continue on with the characters from the Tomothy and Pals episodes.
No more information.
Now i wanted to show the least exciting preview on earth but that would be a blade of grass.
So ive decided to show the second least exciting preview on earth.

The storyline revolves around this tin :O
- The Daily Crumb

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