Sunday, March 23, 2008

The best movie of all time

[If you cannot view TODAYS NEWS]
Please read the following. Do not read if you can see it above.
The news has been taken off the air today. This is due to the fact that nothing interesting is going on. Come on people, break into some houses and murder someone.
If you DO DO this
You will win the Daily Crumb DO-DO award and be the personal feature for a whole week. We will stalk you and continuously write amazing articles about your lifestyle inside and out of jail.

Hopefully this will bring on some complaints about us 'Advertising Violence'.

"The Daily Crumb Studios Progress News"
Munch media will very soon be closing down as we've bought them.
We're still working on "You Can't Handle the Knowledge"
And it is very very slow progress but the script is finalized as well as the storyboard and we may have almost reached the half way point.
If the project is not released by May. I'll be "dead."

so long
-The Daily Crumb

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