Sunday, June 10, 2007


Today in the news the the volume control has a glitch.
Also in the news
Munchs War
The animation when did ok on newgrounds winning
Daily Feature and 'getting'
Underdog of the week
I hasnt been released on the main website yet because of technical difficulties but ill just glad it was released.
It'll be handed in as my college assignment on tuesday.
It has had 9,538 views.
Mr P
Along with releasing a new WATERLOLLIES screenshot on his Woodblog

(Check his blog out here)

he was also interviewed by the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) but only got a little while on screen. Unfortunatly all that was shown was clips from 'Bitey of Brackenwood' but a glimpse of his working progress was also recorded.
Thankyou very much bleupencil for recording and uploading the short Adam Phillips segment.

Once again the Daily crumb has predicted the future, Tony Blair is going into the acting world.
"Prime Minister Tony Blair is to star in a cameo role in a short film"
Soon he'll be writing his own Doctor Who episodes.

Au revoir amigoes!

- Nathan (munch) Viney

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