Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Today in the news no one knows its where abouts
Now its time for

(Go to any local shopping centre to get a sprinkle of lime colour on your segment logos today)
Now someone we havent advertised off is Espen, a fellow Brackenwoodian and an amazing artist.
Click some of these links below for some amazing works:

Unfortunatly Espen is yet to get a website or deviant art account.
But what i want to advertise is his new flash he's working on, im impressed with the artwork so far.
It is titled M.E.O.N

So Espen whats the story behind M.e.o.n without ruining it?
Well, M.e.o.n stands for mutation expert of the nature, once every 20 years, a part of the nature wakes up and has its apperence as a kind of waterery blob thing, this blob needs a human to survive.
wow! did anything inspire this idea?
Ive always been a fan of the concept behind ash and pikachu from pokemon! except lois, the main character isnt a sissy!
well i guess thats one good think pikachu's done.
Do you think your skills as a painter has helped with the flash so far?
totally, the backgrounds which i think is kind of important, was really easy to make because of my landscape skill (HELL YEAH), which also gives me more time for the animation itself.
WOO! ive posted some of your paintings on the Daily Crumb (LIKE ANYONE READS IT ANYWAY) for people to reference.
Is there something you're REALLY proud of in what you've done so far?
yes, i can give you a screen shot of the the scene where an alien pod goes down to earth, its really special,because all the details was painted with a 800% zoom
Here is an exclusive preview from Espen himself of M.E.O.N

We look forward to seeing it soon Espen! Whens your estimated deadline?
it was thursday the 28th, but i extended it to saturday 30th because lack of tolerance for animation
Its better than what some of us can do. Once again cannot wait!! w00t
I was asked to record a voice and although my recording and voice ended up being terrible as usuel. Espen said it was fine for the character though.
If he's telling the truth i will be playing this character.

Isnt he just so cool? His names Carl and you'll see him in the upcoming feature flash animation. M.E.O.N

By Espen Sætervik

- Reported by THE MASTER
- Nathan (munch) Viney

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