Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Go to Inspiration


I thogught I'd post sum vidoes of what inspries me sumtimes OR right now anwywyas. It's very difficult to find inspiraiton, extremely, youwouldnt believ it. It's incredible.
Some bad ppl are coming to get us, they called the ProcrastiNations and they hate everythin we trying to accomplish.
But anywya.

This talk is themost brilliant talk ever for an artist feeling like their work is nuthink

This is an old music video but I am excited for new Gorillaz stuff so it def gunnna be in this blog post. The Demon Days eera of music videos blewminds. All 4 of them were fantastic (amazing!) just gRREAT. But Dare I like because it remains fun and simplistic. The art style of Noodle in Phase 2 was great. Her clothing and hair inspired my character designs when I was younger and the brilliant animation continues to amaze.
Plus i luv dancing

Not this song in particular, but this song does show off exactly what inspires me about this show, Steven Universe.

What a show! It's fabulous, i have a fabulous amount of respect for Steven Universe, it's great. Believe me, all my friends think so. Well, one of them.

The show inspires me because of it's amazing human writing and representation of love in all of it's forms. Plus it's fun and the musics cool.


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