Friday, August 20, 2010

The Daily Crumb 20/08/2010

Its the carnival here at The Daily Crumb! It's all cake and ravioli! But not together. Because that would taste as terrible as tuna and garbage juice smeared over an ironing board.
Why are we having a carnival you ask? Well it's because the monkeys and I have agreed to change the name to 'The Annual Crumb'.
Catchy aint it? We even have a theme tune. Everyones here. Ekalopse, Michael (From2detec), The folks from Penny Lane, Adam Phillips (Who is wearing a dress as he's playing the dame in the Crumb Pantomime) and various other non-dead associates. Though Blob, Matt and Puddles could not make it today. Seems like a piano landed on Matt recently and since then Blob and Puddles have been stuck, frozen in digital vector space.
So they will be missing out on Peggy's evil sisters Trifle wont they.

If you have been wondering where we've been i'll tell you.
I (Nathan) have been working hard on a childrens television series titled Little Howard's Big Question. I'm not sure what i do for the show as all the animated characters are real and do not need my assistance to make them move.
Here is the trailer for the second series i am working on. Though at the time of putting it together no animation was complete.
video below


Ekalopse released 'Ghosts and Gold' at some point in the last.. two months. The reviews were mainly positive.
Big Bodge Films Magazine: "Repetitive and Amature. Like someone making tunes without the knowledge of musical rules."
TFKinternet: "Why was it free? Because it was ****"
Teddy Richmond co. : "PIRATES. Apart from that song i had my bucket ready for chunky vomit."

So there you go. Mostly positive.
Here are Ekalopses views on the album and listeners:

The General: "Like everything i do it's an experiment of sound. I did not follow the rules, not because i do not know them.. but because i wanted to ignore them. Create something thats not completely predictable. Pupendai and I enjoy the album but still see it's flaws."
Pupendai: "I reckon it was because there was not enough of me on it. Whatever man, we'll still make tunes. We're musicians you know. musicians."
The General: "Well i am."
Pupendai: "Yeah."


Here is Mitchell and Webb doing a hilarious yet emotional sketch based on Sherlock Holmes

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