Sunday, January 13, 2008

Over the Deeks

Today in the news Dreamworks new furry talking animal film has been titled "Kangaroo and the Antz."

An astonishing tale of a Kangaroo that isn't like the rest of his family who like to stomp on ants. He soon becomes the friend of an ant and then goes on an amazing adventure. He is hated by his father and banished from under the tree where they live.
All the ants hate the kangaroo so fire him down with bread crumbs. It's up to the Kangaroo's ant friend to save him.
Soon they all live happily.
At this time Dreamworks are also working on 10 other 3d animated features. all to be released next week.

I hate sarcasm.
Over the Deeks
Adam Phillips NEW D&D flash.


Also Menhenick released some short flashes, one that was never completed.

Once again enjoy! :D

- The Daily Crumb

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