Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Broken Wacom, the end of the world? Possibly


Today in the news!
exclamation mark's take over the world

The death tole just KEEPS on rising folks.
We interviewed a person at the scene:
"Gosh fool. ....
just gosh."
No more was said on the matter

Yes thats right folks
my Wacom tablet IS official.. dead. But that wont stop me from planning my future projects.

A new Tomothy and pals idea is being produced. A script has been written and things related to it are being organised.
Ill just say the crew that helped out on Doctor Who: Paranomax will be helping out.
Courtney Leacock (Plays the Doctor and Jerome the dog + various other voices)
And the 3d and 2d animator Irving Díaz Hernández (Zwickel) who did the asteroid and explosion in Dr Who.
Music may possibly be provided by Rick C who performed music for my sims 2 videos. Only two of these videos still excist on the internet.
You can find one of them on my youtube. Doctor Who and the royal zombies.

This isnt confirmed but im very excited about this project. .. not that im excited. Me being excited IS confirmed.

I'm ALSO excited by the upcoming Waterlollies
Adam Phillips from Brackenwood forum: I can see how you'd think that, but in the actual scene, the waterfall isn't the focus so I've skimped on the detail. You'll see what I mean in a couple of weeks (fingers crossed)

Thats right folks. With the animation coming to an end for Mr. P seeing Waterlollies is getting closer and closer every second.
VERY exciting.
Another project that has been concidered is a sequal to Unsafe for the Silver Screen. A video on youtube me and Matt Menhenick produced.
Scripting may begin soon but filming on location normally needs a bit more organisation than animating.
Though sometimes that needs alot of organisation as well.
Weeelll, everything does dosent it.


You can now upload videos onto the Blogs.
So heres my VLOG

Im not sure whether its MononOAKY i dunno. Dont matter if i say it right cause i still GOT IT!

- Nathan (munch) Viney

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