Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Bubble Wrap

Today in the news no one notices the child in the corner with the big red nose singing something in french.

Also in the news:
Ok, so an animation has been planned but knowing me it wont start being produced for years to come after being re-written seven times over.
In the future i want to
- make another stargazed
- thats about it.

At the moment im
- Reading Doctor Who novels
- and playing Guild Wars

Thats me ^-^

I've also joined this new website, Pownce

I'm also planning on visiting Wales to meet Pillow (Artist) and Dave (Pirate)
Doctor Who novels:
I bought two Tom Baker books a while ago that were based on Doctor Who episodes i dont think ive seen.
Two quite good episodes ive now watched on youtube.
The Seeds of Doom
The Deadly Assasin.
and the Time Lords are actually pretty grumpy people :D

- Nathan (munch) Viney

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